The story of a brand and who we are

The arrival of a baby turns the life of a family upside down. Everything changes, everything is new, everything orbits around a single point. It is a situation, in which parents have neither the time nor the intention to take any risks. They need somebody whom they can rely upon with the same level of trust as their little one is placing in them. They need a perfectly prepared expert, who knows what a baby needs, somebody for whom the safety of your baby is just as important as for you BAYBY is just such an expert.

Our credo is top-notch quality, absolute safety and qualified testing of all products at a TÜV laboratory and the National Institute of Public Health. Our philosophy is to become your family's silent helper. To always be on hand and to have ready everything that the baby needs – not only for its arrival but also during the critically important period at the start of its development. Put simply, BAYBY grows together with your child. And what are our ambitions? To deserve your trust and to become a favourite part of your and your child's life.

To achieve this goal, we want to be – and we indeed are – unique in many things. Our products are not only absolutely safe and non-toxic (free of Bisphenol A and all other toxic substances) but also beautiful. Their design is original, positive, joyful and child-friendly, as well as easy to use with often completely intuitive controls, providing parents with a great level of comfort. You will enjoy using our products – they are simply different, original and in many cases serve multiple purposes. Baby bottle warmers can also be used for sterilisation or cooking baby food. Sterilisers eliminate bacteria, whilst also performing a drying function. Breast pumps are two phase, high performance, user friendly products... And our uniqueness is also embodied in something else – we put just as much love into our work as you put into caring for your child.