Bayby brand accessories are here to help you better care for your baby, providing you with all the necessary comfort. Feeding bottles are intended for both newborns as well as older toddlers learning to be independent. Nipples for various child age categories are always orthodontically shaped and support proper development of children's teeth, and the same applies for dummies with attractive motifs and colours. Gift sets solve the dilemma of how to please newly fledged mothers in your vicinity. Brushes will take care of cleaning even harder-to-reach places in the bottle and nipples, and with dummy cases you need not fear soiling them even when travelling. Breast milk storage bags will be appreciated by mothers unable to breastfeed in regular intervals, or those that want to pre-prepare milk for the babysitter. The practical baby bottle drying rack is a portable, folding and easy-to-store practical helper that will take the worry out of drying baby bottles, nipples or cutlery.

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