BBS 3030 Digital Steam
Sterilizer with Dryer

BBS 3030 Digital Steam<br />Sterilizer with Dryer
  • Large-capacity sterilizer

  • Drying function

  • Automatic sterilization and drying function

  • Digital LCD display

  • Drying rack

Large-capacity sterilizer
Sterilizes 6 baby bottles of all types incl. accessories at once.
Drying function
The drying function enables the removal of condensated water from the sterilized bottles and accessories.
Automatic sterilization and drying function
Adjustable operating mode: Automatic / Sterilization / Drying.
You can select between the Automatic sterilization and drying mode or the only Sterilization or the only Drying mode.
Digital LCD display
The LCD display is microchip-controlled and provides information about the processes being performed.
Simple operation.
Audio signalling
An audio signal indicates the end of the process and the appliance then shuts down automatically.
Drying rack
The bottle and accessory stand can also be used as a separate drying rack.